Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

“When I joined the Routes Project for 18-24 year olds, I had recently finished my Masters degree in Project Management but I had no experience in the field. I felt like I was over qualified along with a number of barriers that I was facing prior to coming to NOAH which were preventing me from finding suitable employment.

One of those was Covid-19, which was a big problem as the job market was weak and I found myself I feeling isolated and lost not knowing what I wanted to do anymore.

Everyone at NOAH was very supportive and as time went on during the course, I felt more confident and motivated that I would get my dream job. The course helped me think outside the box and improve as an individual.

It helped me to become more active and I started doing new things I hadn’t thought of before such as; learning new languages including sign language. I gained more interview confidence and an insight into how I should answer questions from interviewers to showcase my best self.

Whilst I was on the course, I was lucky enough to see a Kickstart role as a Project Officer come up at NOAH. I was so happy when I was successful and I feel like this has been a huge leap for me to get started into my Project Management journey.

My plan for the future is to become a Project Manager, and I hope with my qualifications and new found experience I can continue to help NOAH with the outstanding work they do as a way to repay them for their belief and support in me.”

Upenyu Junior Joto (Routes Youth Project)