Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Housing First Project

Housing First is a housing and support approach which gives people who have experienced homelessness, chronic health and social care needs, a stable home from which to rebuild their lives. As part of this project, the participants are supported by a NOAH outreach worker to help them adjust to life in their own home and given wrap-around support for their many complex mental and physical health conditions.

In Luton, NOAH via Housing First has rehomed 15 people who had been homeless for years, many of whom are survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, have experienced drug and alcohol addiction, and have mental and physical health problems. Two of those helped in Luton were both victims of childhood sexual abuse which had been key factors leading to their substance misuse and later homelessness.

As a result of the help from Housing First, 12 out of the 15 people are now engaged with drug or substance recovery pathways and are now either speaking with a drug counsellor or the local substance misuse service, or taking methadone prescription. Housing First’s role in this was vital, as the outreach workers from NOAH who worked one-on-one with clients within Housing First stated how their clients would never have been on methadone prescription if they were not in a home.

By providing this wrap-around support, Housing First will mean there will be both short-term and long-term savings to the public purse in Luton. The majority of clients engaged in the program had a reduction in how chaotic their lives were, a reduction in their criminal activity, and had started their long-term drug recovery. The effect of helping people on their drug recovery journeys will be the most promising area for long-term savings.


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This project is funded by the Central Government Department via Luton Borough Council.