Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Health, wellbeing & recovery

Key to NOAH’s work is the wide range of services that are available at the Day Centre. Our holistic approach ensures that people have the best possible opportunities and that we can address in one place the wide range of issues that they are facing.

NOAH is a place of transformation and breakfast or lunch at the Day Centre can be the start of that journey away from poverty. Many of the people who come to us for help are not registered with a doctor and yet their health is often poor. We have built up a close relationship with our local GPs who run surgeries on site twice a week.

The mobile dentistry also visits every week to help improve people’s oral hygiene. Homelessness can have a devastating effect on people’s teeth and living with tooth decay and toothache every day will overshadow everything else you try to achieve.

This past year we found it incredibly difficult to access mental health assessments for some of those we were helping, in particular those who were rough sleeping and have drug or alcohol dependency issues. We have worked in partnership with the mental health services provider who are running a weekly clinic at the Day Centre. The professional assessments undertaken there have enabled a number of people to access hospital services and rehabilitation places that they would not otherwise have done. The provider has also trained and coached our staff which has helped us provide a better initial service to people with mental health issues.

We try to encourage people to get involved and participate in a wide range of activities and so we run a variety of workshops. We help people with debt and addiction issues. A recent donation has enabled us to transform our kitchen into a training area where our chef teaches people to cook tasty food from basic ingredients. It is all part of helping them toward independence.