Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Preventing homelessness – Street Outreach

The Outreach Team work with individuals who are sleeping rough on the street, in car parks, bus shelters, under bridges and in abandoned derelict buildings. The aim is to help people off the street, to engage with the wider range of NOAH’s services and to get them into safe accommodation, which is an essential prerequisite to helping them to improve the quality of their lives. It is the start of a long journey with many challenges and we are prepared to walk with each person every step of the way.

The Team work in close collaboration with the Local authority’s public health services, the mental health providers, the Police and a myriad of other organisations. It is truly a joint effort which, when it works, is hugely effective.


If you are concerned that somebody is sleeping rough, you can report their location via StreetLink.

In the case of Luton or Central Bedfordshire, NOAH will be alerted and the Outreach Team will seek to locate and support the individual.

StreetLink is a platform that connects people rough sleeping in England and Wales to support provided by local authorities and charities. This includes anyone who is sleeping outside, preparing to bed down, or sleeping somewhere not designed for habitation, such as a car. To make these connections, the platform relies on alerts submitted by members of the public and people sleeping rough.