Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

In September 2020, Marek was found living on the streets by the NOAH Outreach Team. He was encouraged to come to the NOAH Welfare Centre for help and advice. He wasn’t receiving any benefits and had recently been evicted from temporary accommodation.

He had become homeless a week earlier, after living in the UK for many years after coming to Luton from Poland.

Marek was suffering from diabetic foot complications and was awaiting an operation for a heel implant or amputation.

NOAH’s first concern was Marek’s settled status and proving EUSS support. He advised that he had applied for it, but when asked for the proof, NOAH found that the application was incorrect and was completed by someone who didn’t have the qualifications to give advice about immigration. The person charged him £20 and left him believing his EUSS application was complete.

Unbeknownst to Marek, the Home Office had tried to contact him over 11 times, but had not been successful as he had been in hospital for over a year.

NOAH completed a new application on Marek’s behalf, interpreting all the steps for him to fully understand the process. Later, NOAH secured emergency accommodation with support from their partners at HARRP.

Marek was finally safe and didn’t have to sleep rough anymore. This was key to his on-going vulnerability with his health issues.

Names have been changed and a stock image has been used for confidentiality.