Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

There may be an occasion when we are unable to accept your donation. This is generally only for either a health and safety, or legal reason and we do appreciate your offer.

We may have no storage space left in our shop or have a build up of similar items at our warehouse. If this happens, We will check the donation status of our other sites for you and support you to find the location or if you prefer, suggest a different day to bring the items once we have had a pick up or sold through some of our stored stock, or we will check the donation status of our other sites for you and support you to find the location. (If these options then appear to be inconvenient for you, we will of course let you know if there is another charity collecting near by, but we really hope you will donate to NOAH)

There may be a law or policy stating that we can’t accept them. If this happens, depending on the individual circumstances of course, we may be able to suggest another organisation who may accept the items, or a specialist platform on which to sell them or find them a new owner.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the following items:
• Furniture other than sofas and the occasion small item.(Please note: We can only accept other, smaller furniture items if we have storage and sale facilities available for the item types at the time of the donation offer)
• Sofas without a fire label
• Petrol or Diesel fuelled garden tools such as lawn mowers
• Candles without instructions and safety labels
• All Electrical items – temporary due to current PAT testing facilities available to us
• Gas heaters and appliances
• Bicycles and exercise machines
• Buoyancy aids, lifejackets, inflatable dinghies, armbands, Safety helmets, riding hats, crash helmets, cycle helmets, Safety harnesses of any sort, Firefighting equipment
•Children’s equipment including, Car seats/booster seats, Toys without a CE mark, Cots, carrycots, Moses baskets & stands, baths or playpens
• Prams/pushchairs/buggies or Highchairs without instructions and in excellent condition and working order
• Knives including kitchen knives, hunting knives, Stanley/craft knives etc
• Weapons including Swords, sword stocks, crossbows, knuckle dusters, Guns & ammunition (including replicas)
• VHS video tapes and audio cassettes
• Home recorded DVDs and CDs, computer games or software or those that are suspected of being copies or illegal items
• DVD’s and other items that could be perceived as being pornographic
• Used Knickers, pants, socks, or other hosiery (Unless new and in sealed packaging)
• Items suspected of being real fur or ivory
• Branded Items suspected of being counterfeit
•Used towels, pillows, duvets and sleeping bags
• Medication including vitamins, Prescription spectacles/sunglasses
• Alcohol
• Perishable goods, food & drink for re-sale, Alcohol
• Prescription spectacles/sunglasses
• Cleaning agents, solvents & adhesives
• Candles without instructions and safety labels
• Any item that is damaged, broken, or has missing parts