Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

The Future

NOAH Enterprise’s strategy is focused on providing constructive supported care to those who are homeless, at risk of being homeless and/or seriously disadvantaged or excluded. We recognise and respect the unique dignity of every individual and are mindful that among the many difficulties which our people have are low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and little self-regard. Our approach is to address the needs of the whole person and to help in a holistic way that enables and empowers them to improve the quality of their life to the extent that they are capable of and are willing to do. To that end our service is a combination of welfare, training, work experience, and support into employment. But there are gaps in our present range which limit our capacity to deliver what we know is required.

Our present Welfare Centre is an obsolete, prefabricated building which is maintained on a patchwork basis and continues to function effectively because of the efforts and tolerance of our staff and volunteers. These circumstances are exacerbated by the limited capacity of both building and site which will not afford the service extension that is needed.

A huge amount of work was previously invested over several years to replace our obsolete premises with a state of the art building for which we had obtained full planning consent and had most of the funding in place. But that came to nought for reasons beyond our control. It is time to try again with a different model that will equally meet the needs of our people. That process is now under way we will keep you informed.

Where our social enterprise is largely situated in Luton i.e. the Power Court trading estate, is subject to relatively imminent redevelopment which means that we will have to find an alternative location for our Furniture Store, warehouse, furniture restoration and white goods refurbishment activities. That search has begun and we are encouraged that others, the incoming developer and the local authority, want to help us in that respect.

We are also looking to introduce a service that we don’t currently provide in-house, and that is accommodation. Plans are in hand to change that.

NOAH Enterprise has not reached this point without the generous help and unstinting effort of many people and community, statutory and business organisations.  We are grateful to each and every one of them.