Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Soup Kitchen

Following Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004, people from that country came to find work in the United Kingdom.  For some that didn’t materialize and they found themselves with no job, no income, no accommodation. Literally, they had nothing.

As part of the support NOAH could provide them, we introduced an evening meal service, a soup kitchen that operated out of our Welfare Centre. This was and is only possible because of the wonderful generosity of our 200 volunteers who work on a rota basis to provide that evening meal. There has never been one night in the intervening years when that soup kitchen did not open for service.

It is a resource for homeless people, those in need and poor in Luton and the surrounding area. It does more than providing free hot meals. Clothes and toiletries are made available, and a link is established with our day care services.

Four volunteers are involved in the operation, serving on average c30 people per evening.

Financial support for the Soup Kitchen comes from individuals, businesses and charitable trusts. Volunteers and donations (both financial and in-kind) are vital to support our work and enable us to continue this service to the poorest in our community.