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Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment

In March 2015 Catherine Dhokia a Contracts and Quality Officer from The Luton Borough Council ‘Housing and Community Living Team’ visited the welfare centre. She was conducting research into the Social Return on Investment that Luton as a town was receiving from the money given to the welfare centre from Luton Borough Council. As part of this study she conducted 10 short interviews with a selection of service users to clarify the effect that our interventions and support work were having.

Some of the quotes were very encouraging for both staff and management alike enabling us to recognise the ongoing importance of the teams work

Respondent 1 Q: Did support from NOAH help?

A: Yes. It saved me. I have no money. I need a job. I am sleeping in the airport. I was working in Leeds, staying in a house with others as part of the employment package. 6 weeks later they did not pay me and put me out of the accommodation. I sold personal belongings to get a lift back to Luton airport. If I cannot get a job I need to be near the airport to return home.

Respondent 2 Q: How did you find out about NOAH and how they could help?

A: Dunstable CAB referred me.

Q: Was it reassuring? A: Yes, I was very low when I came here 3-4weeks ago. The first day I was here they started the ball rolling – if you have entitlement the ball starts rolling very quickly.

Q: What facilities do you use when visiting NOAH?

A: I was homeless, I was put up in the winter night shelter and they helped secure me a place to stay within the week.  When I first came I used the laundry and the meals service. Now I come for the meals, to meet my support worker and to do some DIY around the place as required.

Q: How does this help you? A: I have regained my self-esteem. I have improved my sleep.

Q: What would happen without this? A: I was on the street in a very dark place – I dread to think what might have happened.

Q: Have NOAH helped you remain in settled accommodation? A: Yes as they are helping me secure employment. I will do whatever it takes to get a job.

Respondent 3: Q: How does this help you? A: Kept me alive – I was out there robbing to survive.

Q: Where did you get this help before attending NOAH? A: I was on my own–with no one to help me

Respondent 4: Q: Have NOAH helped you access help from a GP or dentist? A: Yes the GP and dentist.

Q: How did this help you? A: I saw the GP here and then in his surgery. I discovered I was diabetic. I also saw the dentist.

Q: What would have happened without this help? A: Had I not seen the GP it could have been fatal.

Q: Where would you usually go for health treatment? A: I have white coat syndrome (afraid of medical staff), NOAH help me raise the courage to go when I need to. Healthy food is the key to maintaining my health.

Q: What do you think might have happened if you did not move to settled accommodation?

A: The worst possible outcome.

Q: Have NOAH helped you remain in settled accommodation? A: Yes my problem was not drink or drugs. I am addicted to gambling. NOAH help me manage this.

Q: What difference did this make? A: Keeps me stable and helps me retain my home.

Q: Have Noah helped you with any training courses to help you improve your situation?

A: I volunteered to wash up in the kitchen. Gave me an opportunity to pay back for the support I received. Regained my self-respect.


Respondent 5: Q: Where did you get this help before attending NOAH?

A: I was living in garages. There was no help before NOAH. There would be an almighty mess in Luton if NOAH was not here.