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Volunteering During a Pandemic (Terrie’s Story)

“I have volunteered with NOAH for nearly 4 years now. When the lockdown was actioned, I contacted NOAH straight away as I work for the local airport and lots of people were being furloughed  and would have extra time on their hands. Although I wasn’t furloughed myself, my hours were reduced, so when NOAH asked if I would volunteer and help in the kitchen I was more than happy to assist! I have worked in the kitchen before but this time, due to social distancing, the service users were unable to come to NOAH so we prepared the pack lunches for other volunteers to deliver them to the clients at the hotels.

Linda, the chef at NOAH, is such a joy to work with in the kitchen. It is a very relaxed environment, but we are very focused on getting the food ready in time. I get a great sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that I have contributed to help the vulnerable in the local community every time I volunteer.

When I was volunteering before the lockdown I enjoyed catching up with the service users, of course now this is different because of the social distancing preventing service users using the facility in the usual way. I look forward to this interaction coming out the other side.

I know that NOAH have many volunteers, which is great, but I also know that many of those volunteers would have had to self-isolate or had to shield, which means that they could no longer volunteer during the pandemic. This was a great opportunity for me to offer my services. While NOAH still require my services as a volunteer then I shall be available to assist in any way which I can, through the lockdown and after the lockdown.

To those who are thinking about volunteering, if you would like to make a difference to the local community and see the difference that you make instantly, then NOAH has great opportunities for people who would like to volunteer their services. ”

Terrie, Kitchen Assistant Volunteer