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Angie’s Story (Volunteer Case Study)

Headshot of Angie

“I first started volunteering at NOAH Academy in February 2019 after leaving the civil service. I had lots of time on my hands so I wanted to fill out my days with something constructive. I had always wanted to volunteer but unfortunately working full time meant that I was unable to. I decided that I wanted to make a difference in my local community and had previous work experience working with homeless people. I had heard about NOAH a couple of years before and decided that NOAH was the charity I wanted to volunteer with…After applying I was placed in the Job Club at the Academy which I absolutely love!

Volunteering at NOAH has been like a breath of fresh air. I love being a part of the organisation and helping local people. There is a great atmosphere that centres around people and their needs. The staff are very welcoming…they are mindful of their volunteers and appreciative of the time and help that people give.

Volunteering in the Job Club is great fun. Every day is different…You get to help different people from all walks of life with different needs…We work hard to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for all concerned and it is this that makes Job Club work as well as the ability to make a good cup of tea!

I would recommend volunteering with NOAH! For me it has given me the opportunity to do something different and to give back to the community. I believe in NOAH as an organisation and the work that it does. I have gained invaluable experience which has enabled me to get a job as a mentor helping people back into work…I am now currently working part-time as a mentor which I absolutely love and on my days off I continue to be a volunteer at NOAH’s Job Club. Thank you NOAH.”   – Angie, Job Club Volunteer


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