Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

NOAH’s values and ethos simply expressed are care, compassion, and commitment, and love for the people we work with and serve. Our values are practically expressed in humble service, helping those in need, in poverty and experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation.

In living out these values as an organisation we will seek as a priority to recruit trustees, staff and volunteers who are committed to and actively live out these values in contributing to the work of our teams.

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Locum Project Worker – Welfare Centre

Location of role: Luton

Salary: £9.50 per hour, Part Time 


Our drop-in welfare centre operates with values of care compassion and commitment and is a bastion of hope and life support for those sleeping rough.

This particular role is about providing and managing access into our essential services for rough sleepers and vulnerable people which will meet their basic daily needs and form a platform from which they can go onto engage in meaningful support.


Locum Project Workers are on zero hours contracts, they complete a paid training and development programme and are fully supported to understand the needs of the clients and the operation of the service. Depending on capability there is sometimes opportunity to progress into permanent employment as support worker roles become available. A great role for someone wanting to move from committed volunteer into a new career pathway.

Tasks range from leading the operation, opening and closing of services such as the daytime kitchen lead, the evening soup kitchen, night shelter and weekend service and covering gaps in the day service

· The daytime kitchen lead involves preparing and serving a hot daytime meal for up to 60 vulnerable people taking into account an alternative option for differing dietary and cultural requirements as far as is practical.

Within this – coordinate meal plans with the f/t kitchen lead, prepare soup kitchen meals, maintain kitchen hygiene standards, ensure safe food storage, manage incoming food donations, ensure EHO compliance, supervise kitchen volunteers and ensure correct PPE is used.

· The soup kitchen entails opening the welfare centre premises at 6pm, checking the building, welcoming and managing volunteers, controlling access into the building of service users at 7pm, monitoring the use of the building by c30 service users, closing the facility at 7.45pm, monitoring and managing the clean-up, close down and lock up of the building by 8pm.

· During periods where the Severe Weather criteria has been triggered; Opening the nightshelter service between 7.30pm and 11.30pm including transitioning locations and continuing this service at the external venue between 11.30pm-7.30am as well as ensuring the building is cleaned to an acceptance standard in the morning.

· The welfare centre support service involves opening the building with a colleague, liaising with the kitchen team, managing access to essential services for clients such as showers, clothes, laundry and medication. Encouraging client engagement. Facilitating the lunch service and afternoon service. Checking the environment for safety and closing up the facility.

· The accommodation support involves maintaining a staffing presence at our homeless accommodation provision, keeping service users safe and recording client support progress.

Client work and support during daytime hours

· Facilitate the provision of advice providing individual support, including advocacy, informal counselling and practical assistance to service users.

· Take part in the initial needs assessment process and undertake reviews as directed

· Where necessary, advise and assist service users with their immediate needs including personal hygiene, medication, laundry and clothing needs.

· Monitor client behaviour, identifying potentially difficult situations and seeking to defuse such situations in a calm and non-threatening manner.

· Respond to emergencies and support needs of service users as appropriate.

· Take part in recreational activities as planned

Communication and networking

· Ensure effective communication and updates are in place with the weekday day centre team to maintain continuity of care and needs.


· Help keep the Welfare Centre and other venues clean and in good repair ensuring any issues are suitably reported to the Welfare Centre Manager

· Ensure the procedures for the safety and security of the Centre are strictly observed

COVID-19 considerations:
The welfare centre and NOAH accommodation projects are continuing to operate in a covid secure way with reduced staffing and reduced client contact.

If you are interested in this role please complete the application form linked below and return to Alternatively, email us at the same address and we can send the form to you over email. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01582 728416

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