Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

“I have lived in the UK for 16 years but have struggled to learn English. I did not get much practice as I stayed at home and talked in my own language with friends and family. Over the years, I took many courses to try and learn but my English was not very good and I was unconfident.

I heard about NOAH Academy ESOL course from the Job Centre in Luton so decided to go along.

The course has been amazing! My teacher Rosanna has been wonderful, I really like the way she teaches. In other courses that I have done, there is a lot of writing, but Rosanna lets us talk lots and do the practice. We start the class by telling everyone what we’ve been doing outside of class, so we can speak and learn to listen in English too.

My English has really improved and I can now watch English TV shows and understand them much better than I used to. My children also force me to talk English as well and encourage me to practice. I feel much more confident!

Before this course, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, but now I can picture it. I would like to get a job if I can, maybe as a pharmacy assistant or in childcare. I have had an appointment with Nicky at NOAH Job Club, but now I have my ESOL attendance certificate we can start job searching together! If I cannot find a job, I would like to keep improving my English and maybe study at a higher level.

I would encourage anyone who needs to help with their English to attend an ESOL course at NOAH. I have been telling all my neighbours and friends!”

Rajaa – ESOL