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Digital Learning for Beginners

This course helps learners with little or no experience to gain skills and confidence using a computer and the internet.

Learn how to:

• Start up and shut down a computer
• Use the internet & search engines
• Send and read emails
• Create a document or spreadsheet
• Fill in an online form

When: 4 weeks – two sessions per week

Digital Learning for Life

This course helps learners develop their skills and confidence in using computers to improve their everyday lives.

Learn how to:

• Create and join online calls
• Find and attach files to emails
• Format documents and spreadsheets
• Navigate websites to find information
• Schedule appointments in digital calendars

When: 6 weeks – two sessions per week

English for Beginners

This course helps learners to develop their basic English skills through a range of speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks.

Learn how to:

• Converse socially in basic English
• Identify everyday items
• Speak/understand in practical situations
• Read simple language
• Write basic personal information

Cohorts starting Feb, May & Sept 2023.

When: 10 Weeks – various days and times.

Sew Mindful 

This course helps learners to improve their sewing skills and enhance their wellbeing through creativity and discussion.

Learn how to:

• Improve your stitching and sewing
• Use sewing machines for simple tasks
• Discuss and share creative ideas
• Enhance your mental wellbeing

When: 5 weeks – one session per week

Cooking on a Budget 

More information coming soon.

When: 5 Weeks – one session per week