Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Winter Health Fair

Following the success of last year’s flu prevention clinics our winter health fair has recently taken place, designed to provide basic medical services in the run up to Christmas.

Nurses from Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust (CCS) administered flu vaccinations and carried out a mini health assessment for those who attend the drop-in clinics. This winter service is being carried out alongside the weekly health clinic provided to Luton’s homeless by GPs from the Larkside Practice, which is commissioned by NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group(LCCG).  Luton Total Wellbeing Service were also in attendance to offer advice in relation to services available within the community.

Together the four organisations aim to help prevent the most vulnerable people who live on the streets of the town, from contracting a serious illness over the winter period.

A total of 60 service users attended the event with 29 having the vaccine, as well as a health assessment of baseline observations, blood glucose and weight.

The events were organised in consultation with Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) and Luton Public Health, to ensure preventative health support is available at NOAH for the most disadvantaged in our community and those who are most at risk of deteriorating health as temperatures plummet.

Group spokesperson, Dr Chirag Bakhai, said: “When the weather turns cold, the consequences can be potentially life-threatening for Luton’s homeless. This is a valuable step towards protecting their wellbeing this winter.”

LCCG have also provided a defibrillator unit which will be placed on the wall outside NOAH for use by anyone in the area suffering a cardiac arrest.

Paul Prosser, Head of Welfare Services at NOAH Enterprise, said: “NOAH seeks to alleviate poverty for the most disadvantaged people in society. Facilitating access to primary healthcare such as flu vaccinations can reduce emergency admissions and is often the start of a journey of recovery which can help people move away from homelessness into sustainable living’.