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Migration Support Grant Award

NOAH Enterprise is delighted to announce that in partnership with Luton Borough Council (LBC) we have won a grant from Government to help rough sleepers

The grant has been awarded through LBC from the department for communities and local government (DCLG) in the sum of £310,940 for a migrant rough sleeping initiative. The scheme will support those who are not eligible to receive any money from the public purse.

In recent years, the number of people sleeping rough in Luton has risen considerably. A significant number of them are from overseas. Having arrived in the UK looking for work, many have struggled and consequently slipped into homelessness and destitution.

NOAH will address this issue by supporting people into employment through our welfare, training and work experience services, providing suitable temporary accommodation; improving access to jobs; teaching English lessons; familiarising them with UK customs and giving help in reconnecting with their country of origin.

Jim O’Connor MBE, NOAH’s Chief Executive, said:

This provides a real opportunity to make a positive difference through employment or reconnection to the lives of those who have migrated to Luton and now find themselves homeless. I am particularly pleased that we, that is Luton Borough Council and NOAH, worked so closely and to such effect to secure this contract with Government which is for the benefit of those among the poorest in our community.

The project will begin April 2017 and ends March 2019.