Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

First Capital Connect and Sainsbury’s

First Capital Connect and Sainsbury’s combine to provide more than 500 Meals for Homeless People

Those at NOAH were excited when they found out that the executive management staff of First Capital Connect were donating to them Sainsbury vouchers worth £210 — and even more excited when Sainsbury’s Bury Park store agreed to match it. Three of NOAH’s staff carried out a supermarket sweep-style challenge to see how much meat they could get for that much money and ended up clearing out the store’s freezer section!

“We got enough meat to pretty much fill up our walk-in freezer. The food will make well over 500 meals which will be served at our Welfare Centre in Park Street to those who would otherwise go hungry “said Rob Adamek, NOAH’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

Sainsbury’s Bury Park store manager, Mark Jacklin, commented: ‘Our store is at the heart of the local community and it is important that we can do as much as we can to support it. When we heard about NOAH Enterprise we were really pleased to be able to help out.’