Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Charities fight downturn with business know-how (BBC Article)

Neil Cain has made the floor of a Salvation Army centre in Luton his home.

Neil Cain, a 27-year-old father of three, is packing up his sleeping bag and an air mattress, getting ready to brave the winter freeze.

“I haven’t got an address,” Mr Cain says.

Mr Cain has spent the night at the Salvation Army centre in Luton, which provides shelter for the homeless as December’s degrees begin to drop.

“The most important thing that I get here is warmth,” he says. “This is like my home.”

The Winter Shelter has long been run by the charity Noah’s Enterprise, though these days it is struggling to go on. Like many larger charities that provide broader public services, a good half of Noah’s resources have – until now – relied on government money. But with government austerity measures under-way, it is clear that money is about to get much harder to come by.

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