Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

NOAH Speaks to The Tablet

NOAH Enterprise’s Welfare Centre was able to speak with The Tablet to update them on the latest change in homelessness and what challenges we have been faced with since lockdown and what the next stages are in supporting rough sleepers off the streets:

Noah Enterprise, a member of the Catholic Social Action Network, has worked with other agencies in Luton to house and feed rough sleepers these past three months. Its head of welfare, Paul Prosser, said: “The next stage is to help people move on from the hotels into more sustainable accommodation”.

They have supported migrant rough sleepers with no recourse to public funds and have helped them find work and become more self-sufficient.  “We believe that meaningful and sustaining work requires continuous investment and support from the UK government” Mr Prosser told The Tablet. “We are on the brink of launching a pioneering recruitment and training service linking keen workers with enthusiastic employers,” he reported, and “this inclusive social recruitment service will be a new model that we are ambitious will be transformative about changing the lives of former rough sleepers and giving dignity and hope”. Noah Enterprise believes central government decisions in this period could either prevent, or allow, a significant humanitarian issue on the doorstep.”

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