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Please Invest in Us

We continually work to accompany people on a journey to a better life, ideally from the streets to employment. It is expensive. Our annual expenditure is c£1.5m. We work very hard to find that money. We generate £600,000 ourselves through our trading activities and a significant amount of the remainder will come from services commissioned by Government and Local Authorities.  But your support is vital in bridging the gap. Without your generosity we could not run our evening meal service, nor our emergency winter shelter; we could not provide our catering service that delivers very nutritional food through our cooked breakfast and lunch; a primary need for our people. Over the gamut of services that your kindness helps us to deliver:

£15 provides a change of clothing for one person
£20 feeds a person for a week
£175 helps 20 people in finding accommodation, get benefits advice and budgeting
£600 is the weekly cost to provide outreach support to 10 people
£3,500 is the weekly cost of providing the range of support services in the Welfare Centre.

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Below are other ways to help our work. 

We Need Your Pre-loved Goods!

Donate your pre-loved goods to NOAH Enterprise and make a huge difference to homeless people in your community!

When you donate goods, food or clothing to NOAH, you impact the lives of the poor and homeless in Bedfordshire. Each year, our donors and volunteers help NOAH provide more than 33,000 meals, 2,000 support sessions, 600 GP sessions on site, 500 haircuts, 400 counselling sessions, 600 dental appointments, find accommodation for 150 homeless people, accompany 500 people with drug or alcohol problems to specialist agencies, process 5 tons of laundry to men and women who live on the streets.

Electrical Items

We will accept all working electrical items, from kitchen appliances to alarm clocks. Each item will then be tested by one of our trained volunteers before being put into our shop to be sold.


We need all types of furniture from sofas to beds, from cabinets to wardrobes. If you have an item of furniture that you wish to donate simply give us a call on 01582 484001 and we will arrange to come to your house and collect. The item must be legally compliant i.e. if it is a sofa or armchair it must have a fire certificate. Very importantly, it must be in good condition i.e. something that you would be prepared to buy!  We are grateful for your generosity.


Non-perishable, bulk, and staple items (dry and canned) are most welcome, but we would be delighted to receive fresh food, be it meat, poultry, fish or vegetables – as long as it is in date!


Clean, new and gently-used clothing of all kinds are helpful. We are always in need of new underwear/t-shirts and socks, new and gently-used jeans and shoes, and professional clothing for those looking for work or re-entering the workforce. In the winter, we are especially in need of warm outerwear, coats, jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves, and sleeping bags.


Items most welcome include  razors, toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, hand cream, shampoo. Many of service users will come through our doors each morning looking to have a wash, clean their teeth and have a shave. Up to 75 people a day will want to have a shower and have a change of clothing.


We are always in need of new bath towels, hand towels, face cloths, twin-size sheets and blankets, standard-size pillows and pillowcases, and sleeping bags.

If you are considering a food or clothing drive at your Church, Company, Community Group, or School, please let us know. We will work with you to help launch a successful drive.

We gratefully accept donations seven days a week at 141 Park St, Luton LU1 3HG (Click here for directions ). It is always helpful, if you can, to call ahead.

Friends of NOAH

By becoming a friend of NOAH, your contribution will enable our services to provide vital support to those most in need today and in the future.

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Please consider in your will our work in supporting people on the margins of society, the poorest of the poor. Thank you.