Alleviating poverty, bringing hope

Eamon’s Story (Learner’s Case Study)

“I wanted to thank NOAH for a really enjoyable and productive workshop the last 3 weeks! Before I started the course, I was aware I may be covering some previous knowledge and experience with mindfulness but the course has shown me that you can ‘teach a dog new tricks’. There is always more learning to be done and I can never learn enough about a subject.¬†Actually I think the tutor has added a new and different meaning to mindfulness for me and I am very grateful for that.

I’ve gained some useful experience with Zoom, as we all have and it looks like it will become a handy new way to learn and work. Therefore what may have appeared to be a challenge at first has turned out to be educational and positive.

Me and my colleagues on the course also agreed to keep in touch with each other after the course. That was a real life line for me as I have difficulties with meeting new people as I’ve lived in isolation for a while. Collectively, we’ve decided to join the Creative Confidence course with NOAH too.

I really enjoyed working with Matthew and Priya and I look forward to working with NOAH further!”

– Eamon, Staying Well During Isolation Online Learner


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